The Research Group

Siri Fjellheim
Professor & Principal Investigator
Botanist Geneticist Mentor Motivator Facilitator
Marian Schubert
As an evolutionary biologist I am generally interested in the molecular evolution of adaptive traits. Currently I am studying how Pooideae grasses adapted to the conditions in temperate environments.
Camilla Lorange Lindberg
PhD Candidate
I study the evolution of cold acclimation and its role in the successful adaptation of the grass subfamily Pooideae. Did the grasses evolve the possibility to accumulate fructan as a response to cold?
Martin Paliocha
PhD Candidate

How, why, and when do complex physiological traits evolve in plants? I try to find answers to these questions by studying the evolution of photoperiod-mediated flowering in temperate grasses.

Tesfakiros Semere Gebrelibanos
PhD Candidate

Together with Ola T. Westengen, I study the genetic structure and ethnobotany of Sorghum landraces in the State of Tigray, Ethiopia.

Ane Charlotte Hjertaas
MSc Student


Ursula Brandes
PhD Candidate

w/ Line Rosef

2013 – 2019

Sylvia Pal Stolsmo
MSc Student
Darshan Anthony Young
MSc Student
Erica Helen Leder

2016 – 2018

Thomas Marcussen

2015 – 2017

Lars Grønvold
PhD Candidate

w/ Torgeir Rhodén Hvidsten

2013 – 2017

Beate Beatriz Furevik
MSc Student
Murat Bağcıoğlu
PhD Candidate

w/ Achim Kohler

2012 – 2016

Torbjørn Horsberg Kornstad
MSc Student
Nina Zoric
MSc Student
Nadine Hofman
MSc Student
Anna Monika Lewandowska-Sabat
PhD Candidate

w/ Odd Arne Rognli

2006 – 2009