Media & Outreach

We believe that the science we do should be made available to a broad audience. We actively seek to transfer our enthusiasm and fascination for biology to public outside academia by contributing popular scientific papers and talks about our research both in local and national fora.


Siri Fjellheim (August 2019) Best Lecturer at NMBU, Spring 2019. Promo video for NMBU

Rebekka E. Ween (March 2019) Interview about Drought and Frost Tolerance Experiment. Promo video for NMBU

Rebekka E. Ween (February 2019) Fun Facts about Horsetails. Information video for “Ung Botaniker”.

Camilla Lorange Lindberg (January 2019) Exploring the Local Quagmire Åsmåsan with Biology Students. Promo video for NMBU

Camilla Lorange Lindberg (September 2018) Peat Moss and Carbon Sequestration. Promo video for NMBU

Siri Fjellheim (October 2016) The Urge to Do Research Starts Early. Promo video for the Norwegian Research Council’s incentive for the promotion of science among pupils

Siri Fjellheim (August 2016) Biology Program at NMBU. Promo video for NMBU


Siri Fjellheim (September 2018) The History of the Grasses. Interview at the Radio Show Ekko at NRK


Camilla Lorange Lindberg (December 2020) Why are the grasses important? NMBU Podcast

Popular Science

Siri Fjellheim (February 2021) Women are still discriminated in academia. Aftenposten

Ane Charlotte Hjertaas & Siri Fjellheim (June 2019) Did you know that we eat grass every day?

Siri Fjellheim & Ane Charlotte Hjertaas (June 2018) Plants Need and Remember Winter.

Siri Fjellheim, Boris Zimmermann & Mikael Ohlson (June 2018) The Secret Life of Pollen.

Bård Amundsen (September 2017) Do All Research Need to be of Use? Interview with Siri Fjellheim at

Heidi Elisabeth Larsen (September 2017) Los Angeles Can Lose One of its Most Iconic Trademarks. Interview with Siri Fjellheim at Dagbladet

Siri Fjellheim (May 2017) Seeds from Six Species are Going to Repair Norwegian Nature. Aftenposten

Siri Fjellheim (March 2017) How will Grass Survive Climatic Changes? Aftenposten

Siri Fjellheim (October 2016) Alien Monster Plants Invade Local Plant’s DNA. Aftenposten

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